jBASE Installation License

CustomerEvaluation (via jBASE International Inc.)
SupplierjBASE International Inc.
Product NameALL
Number of Users00003
Expiry Date30 NOV 2016
ReleasejBASE 5.5.1
License Key4k+cOzbp4Z/z8B7kKESb/NWYhN5e2ir6
Evaluation License installation for all platforms:
Change the '$JBCRELEASEDIR/config/system.properties' ( Unix ) / '%JBCRELEASEDIR%\config\system.properties' ( Windows ) file permissions to be writeable and edit it, using 'vi' ( Unix ) / NotePad ( Windows ) ( or similar editor ). Do not use 'jed or ED'.
Insert the following line, as the last line, in the '$JBCRELEASEDIR/config/system.properties' ( Unix ) / '%JBCRELEASEDIR%\config\system.properties' ( Windows ) file
jruntime.eval = 4k+cOzbp4Z/z8B7kKESb/NWYhN5e2ir6
Do not make any other changes to the '$JBCRELEASEDIR/config/system.properties' ( Unix ) / '%JBCRELEASEDIR%\config\system.properties' ( Windows ) file
Particulary do NOT amend or remove the existing :jruntime.license = whatever
line from the '$JBCRELEASEDIR/config/system.properties' ( Unix ) / '%JBCRELEASEDIR%\config\system.properties' ( Windows ) file

NOTE: This license information should be kept safe, as the license may need to be installed again if the operating system is reloaded or the license file inadvertently changed.