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Many answers to your questions can be found by searching the Knowledgebase or viewing the jBASE Documentation.  We also have a Google Group for peer discussion about jBASE.  If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, jBASE Support will be glad to assist in resolving your technical problems.

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jBASE Manual Table of Contents

jBC jBASE Basic statements and functions
jBC String Operations Extracting and assigning substrings.
jBC Debugger jBC debugger reference manual
jBC Compilation Compiling jBC programs
jBC Run time Running jBC programs
jCL jBASE command language (Proc) reference manual
jDC The jDC Dictionary Utility
jDP jBASE Data Provider
jQL jBASE query language reference manual
jRFS jBASE Remote File Systems
jWB jBASE Web Builder
OBjEX jBASE OBjEX reference manual
Accounts How accounts are supported in jBASE
Background Processing Background processing in jBASE
Conversion Processing Conversions for jQL and jBC
Database Drivers How jBASE provides database independence
Daemons Daemons used by jBASE
Editor Editors provided by jBASE
Embedded SQL Using SQL with jBASE
Emulation Emulation settings
Environment Variables Setting environment variables
Files File support
Indexes Support for secondary indexes
Internationalization Settings for internationalization
jBASE 5 Licensing Licensing in jBASE 5 *
jBASE Dataguard Database Resilience within jBASE *
jBASE Agent Accepts and Processes incoming client requests *
jBASE jDBC Driver Provides jDBC access to jBASE data files *
jBASE ODBC Driver Provides ODBC access to jBASE data files *
jEDI Development Kit Provides access to RDBMS from jBASE applications
JR Files Auto-Sizing and Resilient files *
jSHELL The jBASE command line
Lists Manipulating stored lists in jBASE
Porting Porting applications to run under jBASE
Serial jBASE Windows serial service
Spooler The jBASE spooler
Tape Support for tape devices
Telnet jBASE Windows telnet process
Terminals Support for terminals in jBASE
Tools Tools provided by jBASE
Transactions Transaction processing and transaction journaling
Triggers Database triggers
Troubleshooting Solving problems with your jBASE installation
Utilities Command line utilities
* jBASE 5  

Support Portal

Contact Support
jBASE technical support is manned by personnel located all over the globe.   jBASE Support will be glad to assist in resolving your technical problems.

The entire jBASE documentation set is maintained on-line by jBASE technical authors, developers and support staff. This is the most up to date reference material available. The jBASE Manual Set can be downloaded in PDF format.

jBASE Discussion Group
We have created a Google group for peer discussion about jBASE (this was formerly known as the jBASE Tech List).  If you have questions about who's doing what with jBASE check the Google group for answers!

Migration Assistance
Make the move as painless as possible. This offers an assessment of your current application with technical advice about how to get where you want to go. Let our experts do the work of migrating your existing database to jBASE.

Free evaluation licenses are available for jBASE International products.  These are complete, working versions of our available software.  

Platform Availability
A list of supported tools and operating systems for use with jBASE software.