Patch PN3_30268
Keyword JEDI
Description Read from nonexistent partition on Distributed files
Date April 28, 2000
Patch Details This patch alters the behavior of distributed files when a READ is issued against a partition that does not exist.

Prior to this patch, the READ would drop into the debugger with error 22 (invalid parameter), unless an ON ERROR clause had been supplied to the READ statement.

However, logically, this is the same as requesting a READ of a non existent item id, and so this patch causes the READ to take the ELSE clause in this case. Note that this does not affect the behavior of a WRITE, as a WRITE cannot be ignored by the system. In the case of a WRITE to a non existent partition the application will drop in to the debugger with error 22 unless the WRITE is supplied with an ON ERROR clause.

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