HPUX 10.xx Reports "Cannot find path to libl.1", when I compile

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HPUX 10.xx Reports "Cannot find path to libl.1", when I compile

Basically, it looks like HP made a slight faux pas when they decided to move this library from the install directory /opt/langtools/lib to /usr/lib. If you don't have the right combination of packages loaded on the right version of HP/UX then you end up with no copy of this library on your system at all. OK, it is a big O.S. and they have provided a patch, so we will let them off this one time ;-).

You require patch number PHSS_5729, which you could wait a long time to down load from the HP Patch Center at which option you would receive the patch description duplicated below. You could then download the patch from their web site, or you can (probably much more quickly) download it directly from jBASE Software's site) (if your browser just displays the patch in a window, do a File->Save As PHSS_5729). you can also download it using ftp from your HP machine at ftp.jbase.com/ospatches/hpux10/PHSS_5729.

The file is a shell program, which you run from root using sh PHSS_5729. BUT, please read HP's documentation first. jBASE Software will not be held responsible if you apply the patch incorrectly and you may wish to check with HP support personnel first!

We hope that you did not have as much frustration tracing this one down as jBASE Software did and that you came right to this article on our Web Site.


HP's Patch Description of PHSS_5729...

Patch Name:  PHSS_5729
Patch Description: s700_800 10.01 LEX/YACC Shared libary patch
Creation Date: 95/07/14
Post Date:  95/09/10
Hardware Platforms - OS Releases:
        s700: 10.01
        s800: 10.01
        OS-Core: B.10.01


Automatic Reboot?: No

Status: General Release

Critical: No [unless you are a jBASE user wanting to compile of course - JAC]

Path Name:  /hp-ux_patches/s700_800/10.X/PHSS_5729 (39682 bytes)

        lex/yacc shared libs are not resolved on
        HP-UX 10.01 core system.

Defect Description:
        Lex/Yacc applications built shared on HP-UX 10.01
        will not work if C-AUX fileset is not installed
        on the system.


Patch Files:

what(1) Output:
                A.10.12 HP C LANGUAGE TOOL LIBRARY (LEX) 950714
                A.10.12 HP C LANGUAGE TOOL LIBRARY (YACC) 950714

cksum(1) Output:
        1439091 16384 /opt/langtools/lib/libl.1
        3692186168 12288 /opt/langtools/lib/liby.1

Patch Conflicts: None

Patch Dependencies:  None

Hardware Dependencies:  None

Other Dependencies:  None

Supersedes:  None

Equivalent Patches: None

Patch Package Size:  80 Kbytes

Installation Instructions:
        Please review all instructions and the Hewlett-Packard
        SupportLine User Guide or your Hewlett-Packard support terms
        and conditions for precautions, scope of license,
        restrictions, and, limitation of liability and warranties,
        before installing this patch.
        1. Back up your system before installing a patch.

        2. Login as root.

        3. Copy the patch to the /tmp directory.

        4. Move to the /tmp directory and unshar the patch:

                cd /tmp
                sh PHSS_5729

        5a. For a standalone system, run swinstall to install the

                swinstall -x autoreboot=true -x match_target=true \
                        -s /tmp/PHSS_5729.depot

        5b. For a homogeneous NFS Diskless cluster run swcluster on the
            server to install the patch on the server and the clients:

                swcluster -i -b

            This will invoke swcluster in the interactive mode and
            force all clients to be shut down.

            WARNING: All cluster clients must be shut down prior to the
                     patch installation.  Installing the patch while the
                     clients are booted is unsupported and can lead to
                     serious problems.

            The swcluster command will invoke an swinstall session in which
            you must specify:

                alternate root path  -  default is /export/shared_root/OS_700
                source depot path    -  /tmp/PHSS_5729.depot

            To complete the installation, select the patch by choosing
            "Actions -> Match What Target Has" and then "Actions -> Install"
            from the Menubar.

        5c. For a heterogeneous NFS Diskless cluster:

                - run swinstall on the server as in step 5a to install
                  the patch on the cluster server.

                - run swcluster on the server as in step 5b to install
                  the patch on the cluster clients.  The cluster clients
                  must be shut down as described in step 5b.

        By default swinstall will archive the original software in
        /var/adm/sw/patch/PHSS_5729.  If you do not wish to retain a
        copy of the original software, you can create an empty file
        named /var/adm/sw/patch/PATCH_NOSAVE.

        Warning: If this file exists when a patch is installed, the
                 patch cannot be deinstalled.  Please be careful
                 when using this feature.

        It is recommended that you move the PHSS_5729.text file to
        /var/adm/sw/patch for future reference.

        To put this patch on a magnetic tape and install from the
        tape drive, use the command:

                dd if=/tmp/PHSS_5729.depot of=/dev/rmt/0m bs=2k

Special Installation Instructions:  None

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