The BASIC command says "Cannot compile PROGNAME"

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  1. Have you installed Visual C++ 6.0 yet?
  2. If you have installed Visual C++, can this user see the compiler in their Path statement? Type cl from the shell prompt, if a version number is printed or a message complaining about no input files, then you have the Path statement correct at least. If shell says it cannot find this command then your Visual C++ installation is not correct.

    The easiest way to deal with this is to install it in the same directory it is already installed in, but while logged in as this jBASE user. It will skip the install of any files that are up to date but will ensure the this users environment is updated correctly. Alternatively you can use the System icon from Control Panel to set the environment according to the VCVARS32.BAT file provided by Microsoft in the bin directory of the Visual C++ installation.

I have Visual C++ installed correctly but I still cannot compile.

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