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General Problems (All releases of jBASE on Windows NT/95)

Description Fix
1. When I telnet into NT4.0 everything stops after about xx users with an error about user32.DLL not initializing. Registry settings for Telnet
2. I need some general help in getting my NT installation to go! Windows NT/95 Installation and Troubleshooting.
3. I can't get my programs to compile How to get the compiler working
4. When I try to run the COPY/sort/other command, it executes the Windows version. jBASE Shell Modes
5. Why does my account not restore? Restoring Accounts
6. Why does DIR not work in jSHELL? More on the jBASE shell
7. Why does my MD not seem to be recognized? Configuring your MD file
8. How do I change the colors in jSHELL? Coloring the jSHELL
9. How do I get the tape devices to work? My Tape devices Don't Work!
10. What happened to the LISTDICTS/other command? Duplicating commands
11. Which DLL is my SUBROUTINE in? Finding executables
12. What are the jBASE Registry settings? Registry Configuration
13. Why does my Windows 95 Keyboard not generate the correct keys? Windows 95 console is useless
14. What guidelines exist for trouble shooting and tuning my Windows installation? Windows tuning

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