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I do not have commands such as LISTDICTS?

The following commands LIST2, LIST3, LIST4 (and SORT equivalent), LISTF2, LISTF3, LISTF4 (and SORTF), LISTPROCS, LISTDICTS, SORT-LABEL and LIST-LABEL are all performed by the LISTFILES.exe command. However, you must copy this command to whichever of these others you require (unless you wanted to load 12 diskettes?)

To make a copy using Explorer, locate the LISTFILES.exe file (located in C:\jbase20\bin), click the right button, and select copy. Then click the right button again and select paste, this will create a file called "Copy of LISTFILES.exe". Select this new copy and rename it to the command you actually want (from the list above) by clicking the right button once more and selecting Rename.

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