My ACCOUNT-SAVE does not seem to be recognized?

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My ACCOUNT-SAVE does not seem to be recognized?

Some systems (such as R83) require a T-FWD command to be issued before the ACCOUNT-RESTORE . command can be used. Try:

T-ATT SCT0 # Or whatever the device name is

Some systems may require 2 T-FWD commands before the ACCOUNT-RESTORE is seen correctly.

Neither of these suggestions fixed my problem?

You should try and determine the label size for your system (refer to the T-ATT documentation), which the T-READ command can sometimes help you determine. Standard label sizes are 80, 500, 512 and the same size as the save block size. The ACCOUNT-RESTORE command will determine the block size of the actual account-save by inspecting the label, however if the label size is wrong it may be misled. You can use the LABEL= parameter to T-ATT to correct this.

I still can't make it work!?

Please send all details (where you are coming from, what device etc.) along with as much information as possible to [email protected] or [email protected].

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