My Tape devices Don't Work!

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Does Microsoft's backup program recognize your tape devices?

If it does not then you will need to add the devices to your system. You can do this by selecting add new device from the tape devices program in Control Panel.

Have you read through the device_notes file in the dev subdirectory of your jBASE installation?

You need to make sure that the jBASE device you are trying to attach is using the correct device name as assigned by you NT system. By default this is \\tape0 for the first tape device recognised by the system. You should search the registry and ensure that this is indeed the correct device name for your device. Ensure that the device driver for this tape is installed correctly on Windows NT and that you can access it through your usual tape programs.

I still can't use the tape device?

Please make a note of any error messages you see and mail [email protected] or [email protected] with as much detail as possible regarding your configuration.

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