Registry Settings for NT4.0 Telnet

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The settings described below are applicable only to versions of jBASE prior to release 3.1.3. If you have previously changed the registry and are upgrading to a jBASE 3.1.3 or later, you must change the setting described below back to their default values.

Here's the fix that Microsoft had us put into the registry to overcome the user32.dll problem we were having with processes. Microsoft told us that on 4.0, when an unattended process is started, which is what a telnet session is, that they grab by default something like 3.5MB of memory.

After starting a few processes, you will run out of resources.

Here's the change:

Open the NT registry as the Administrator user and navigate to:


In this section is a Windows value. Double click on this value so that you can change its parameters. Near the beginning of this parameter, you'll find:


Change this to:


Then reboot your machine.

You might want to experiment with the 512 value as 768 or 256 sometimes give a better profile but 512 should be pretty safe.

You should also check that your paging/swap file is set to a reasonable number too. This should be at least 2X your real RAM and might be safer at 3X or 4X so that you need never worry about it. You can set this at an initial 2X size allowing it to grow to a max of 4X. Do this from Control Panel->System->PERFORMANCE->Virtual Memory.

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