I have Visual C++ installed correctly but I still cannot compile

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Are you sure that the development user you are logged in as, has a local directory defined for their use?

To determine this, enter a new jSHELL and type cd at the command prompt. If your user has a local directory (path) then your command prompt will have a tilde (~) character saying that you are in the home directory for this user. If you do not have a local path you will usually see \USERS\DEFAULT reported as the current directory in the jSHELL prompt:

Correct Incorrect
jsh Testdev ~ -> jsh Testdev C:\USERS\DEFAULT ->

If you do not have a local directory for this user (or are unsure and would like to check using Windows) then you need to log off your system and login again as the Administrator. (Note, please do this rather than use a user with administrative permissions or you may need to change the owner and permissions on the directory if you are using the NTFS file system, and why wouldn't you be really?).

Start up the User manager (User manager for domains if NT server), and Pick out the user login that you wish to create a home directory for. Inspect the user profile (double click on the user name then click the profile button) and you will see a check button indicating whether the user has a local path/directory or not. Ensure that this is selected and that you are happy with the location of the local path. This will usually be C:\USERS\LoginName but you may specify any directory (but watch out for permissions). Once you have made the necessary changes then you can click the OK button and then exit the user manager. Now you may login as your jBASE development user and start again.

Please note that a local path and directory is only necessary for development work so that jBASE can assume a starting place from which to build your bin and lib directories! At run time you need only ensure that your Path and Lib directories include the paths to your application and to the jBASE System.

I think that I have everything set up correctly but I STILL cannot compile?

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