Windows Trouble Shooting and FAQ

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Before reporting problems with your system you should run through this check list. Please note that if you cannot get the compiler to work it is purely that your configuration is wrong, stepping through this checklist will help you determine what is wrong.

  1) h4The BASIC command says "Cannot compile PROGNAME"

  2) h4I have Visual C++ installed correctly but I still cannot compile.

  3) h4I think that I have everything set up correctly but I STILL cannot compile?

  4) h4My tape devices do not work.

  5) h4My ACCOUNT-SAVE does not seem to be recognised?

  6) h4DIR does not work from the jsh!

  7) h4When I run COPY from the jsh it runs the NT COPY command!

  8) h4The jsh window always starts white on black!

  9) h4Some of the generated keys are incorrect on Win95 with CAPS-LOCK!

  10) h4Which Dll is my subroutine in?

  11) h4I have an MD but is is not recognised?

  12) h4I do not have commands such as LISTDICTS?

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