jBASE 5 contains a number of new features in the area of transaction journaling which has been

substantially engineered to provide an ever greater level of flexibility and robustness. One of the major enhancements has been the addition of a concept of Checkpointing.


Periodically, at predefined intervals, Checkpointing pauses new transaction activity to record a point in

time when the database is in a known state. To record this instant in time, a checkpoint record is written

to the transaction together with a timestamp.


Developments such as Warmstart Recovery and Online Backup would not have been possible to

implement if it weren’t for checkpoints.


Although the overhead of performing a Checkpoint is minimal, the time interval between checkpoints is

user configurable.


By default, the time between log file checkpoints is 10 minutes. This can be configured using the jlogadmin utility.





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