jBASE Extended Dictionary Definitions

Appendix A - Extended dictionary header


Equate Value Comments
EDICT_START "JBASE_EDICT_START" String defining start of extended dict info
EDICT_END "JBASE_EDICT_END" String defining end of extended dict info
EDICT_OPTIONS_ITEMID "jDP_Options" Item Id in dictionary for general file and default column options
EDICT_LEN 17 Number of extended dictionary definitions
EDICT_DATA_TYPE EDICT_START_ATTR + 1 Valid data type values
EDICT_LENGTH EDICT_START_ATTR + 2 Maximum length of a string field otherwise null
EDICT_SCALE EDICT_START_ATTR +2 Maximum length of a string field; otherwise null
EDICT_DESCRIPTION EDICT_START_ATTR +3 Text description of the field
EDICT_COLUMN_NAME EDICT_START_ATTR +4 If not null used as column name rather than dict
EDICT_MV_GROUP_NAME EDICT_START_ATTR +5 If not null dictionary entry belongs to the named MV group table
EDICT_SMV_GROUP_NAME EDICT_START_ATTR +6 If not null dictionary entry belongs to the named SV group table
EDICT_MAX_VALUES EDICT_START_ATTR +7 If not null max values in attr and means it is ctrl field
EDICT_MAX_SUBVALUES EDICT_START_ATTR +8 If not null max subvalues in attr and means it is ctrl field
EDICT_FLAGS EDICT_START_ATTR +9 Flags as defined below
EDICT_STORAGE_FORMAT EDICT_START_ATTR +10 Format of data in the Item
EDICT_FOREIGN_KEY_TABLE EDICT_START_ATTR +11 Table name of foreign key
EDICT_FOREIGN_KEY_COLUMNS EDICT_START_ATTR +12 Column names of foreign key
EDICT_NEXT_ROW_ID EDICT_START_ATTR +13 Auto increment ItemID - next available number
EDICT_MV_SV_POS EDICT_START_ATTR +14 Positional multi-value, sub-value
EDICT_XREF_NAME EDICT_START_ATTR +15 Cross reference to dictionary entry for synonym's entries
EDict_Ok 0  
EDict_InfoNotFound -1  
EDict_ItemNotFound -2  
EDict_ItemNotValid -3  
EDict_DataType EDICTARRAY<1> Extended Dictionary Data Types (see below)
EDict_Length EDICTARRAY<2> Length of string type column
EDict_Scale EDICTARRAY<3> Scaling factor for scaled type
EDict_Description EDICTARRAY<4> Text description of column
EDict_ColumnName EDICTARRAY<5> Column name used for access if not null
EDict_MVGroupName EDICTARRAY<6> Name of dictionary for Multi-valued group
EDict_SVGroupName EDICTARRAY<7> Name of dictionary for Sub-valued group
EDict_MaxMV EDICTARRAY<8> If not null then maximum number of multi-values, hence controlling attr
EDict_MaxSV EDICTARRAY<9> If not null then maximum number of sub-values, hence controlling attr
EDict_Visible EDICTARRAY<10> Flag column as visible, flags override file options default
EDict_NotVisible EDICTARRAY<11> Flag column as not visible
EDict_Updateable EDICTARRAY<12> Flag column as updateable
EDict_NotUpdateable EDICTARRAY<13> Flag column as not updateable
EDict_Nullable EDICTARRAY<14> Flag column nullable
EDict_NotUpdateable EDICTARRAY<15> Flag column as not nullable
EDict_SQLNulls EDICTARRAY<16> Flag column may contain SQL Null type
EDict_NotSQLNulls EDICTARRAY<17> Flag column may not contain SQL Null type
EDict_UseAttr7 EDICTARRAY<18> Flag column should use conversion if provided on attr 7
EDict_NotUseAttr7 EDICTARRAY<19> Flag column should not use conversion on attr7
EDict_s3 EDICTARRAY<20>  
EDict_s4 EDICTARRAY<21>  
EDict_StorageFormat EDICTARRAY<22> Storage format for data (see below)
EDict_ForeignKeyTable EDICTARRAY<23> Table name of foreign key
EDict_ForeignKeyColumns EDICTARRAY<24> Column names of foreign key
EDict_NextRowID EDICTARRAY<25> Auto increment ItemID - Next available number
EDict_MV_SV_Pos EDICTARRAY<26> Specify positional multi-value and sub-value
EDict_XrefName EDICTARRAY<27> Specify cross reference dict entry for synonym type
EDict_ValidBit EDICTARRAY<28> Flag options are valid only on read



Appendix B - Extended dictionary Data Types


Equate Value Comment
EDict_DT_STRING 108 DT_TYPE_CSTRING, A null terminated string
EDict_DT_UINT32 4 DT_TYPE_LU_ longword, logical; 32-bit unsigned quantity
EDict_DT_INT32 8 DT_TYPE_L_ longword integer; 32-bit signed 2's-complement
EDict_DT_SCALEDINT32 101 DT_TYPE_LS_ 32-bit signed scaled longword integer
EDict_DT_DECIMAL 101 DT_TYPE_LS_ 32-bit signed handles embedded decimal
EDict_DT_LONGDECIMAL 104 DT_TYPE_QS_ 64-bit signed handles embedded decimal

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