jEDIDK - Environment Variables

All the drivers in the jEDIDK have environment variables for tracing and logging:


Substitute the applicable jEDIDK_type with the type (OLESQL, OCIORA, ODBC…).


JEDI_jEDIDK_type_TRACE=level (1, 2, 3, …the higher number the more trace)




JEDI_jEDIDK_type_LOGFILE=logfile specify the log filename.


JEDI_jEDIDK_type_DISPLAY=1 by default if logging is turned in the trace is not displayed. This forces the log to display on the screen as well.


JEDI_JDKINI_TRACE=1 traces the jEDIdrivers.ini parsing


Driver Specific Environment Variables


JEDI_OLESQL_AUTOTRANS=1 turns off AUTOTRANSLATE (OEM/ANSI character translation).

JEDI_OLESQL_DBMSOCN=1 forces TCP/IP connectivity (as opposed to Named Pipes).



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