jEDIDK - jCheckSchema

A CSV vetting utility – jCheckSchema – is provided to check a CSV against a source jBASE hash file. This can find errors and even correct things like field lengths.


Syntax: jCheckSchema { multi-value_file} {schema_path}schema_def {ID} {options}



                    -al    ignore "undefined" for the attributes specified
("l" should be a comma delimited list)

                    -c     check data integrity

                    -i      interactive: prompts for changes

                    -q     quiet: no progress displayed

                    -rn    round column lengths up to nearest factor of "n"

                    -w    disable control character warnings

                    -R  report only


Where schema_def is the CSV name. Schema_path is optional as the CSV is typically read from the CSVdir as

per jEDIdrivers.ini.




jCheckSchema J4TEST CUSTOMER.csv -r5


By default jCheckSchema displays warnings on control characters. Use the -w option to suppress this behaviour.


If you plan to store multi-values in a single column (i.e. by not defining a multi-value set) you should use the -

a option so that jCheckSchema will only check the length of the values in the attribute and not warn that the multi-values have not been defined.



jCheckSchema J4PROD PRODUCT.csv -r5 -a7,11,13


Note: This utility should be run prior to CREATE-FILE for the target RDBMS as it only alters the relevant CSV record which is read in during the CREATE-FILE phase.

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