jRCS Overview

jRCS is a jBASE remote connectivity server and a multi-layered client library, accessible from various languages/platforms.

The design is built around a concurrent server, backed by jBASE 3.4/4.1/5.2 services. The server listens on a known network port and spawns jBASE proxy processes (one process per port) in response to every client connection.

The client consists of a low-level communication library, coupled with a string/dynamic array processing library, and ActiveX, java and .NET portability layers.

The jBASE remote server, the low-level client libraries, and the ActiveX portability library are written in C++. The architecture has a set of advantages, namely the portability of the server and low-level client libraries across platforms (i.e. Windows, UNIXes, etc.), and native support for ActiveX interface.

The architecture therefore enables several client types to remotely connect to jBASE. These include C++ programs (low-level library), ActiveX containers (ActiveX portability layer), and additional java and .NET clients.

jBASE Remote Connectivity Service