CHAR Displays a character conversion table.
ENCRYPT File encryption and decryption.
ERRMSG Displays system error message text/description.
HAD Hexadecimal file display.
JCOMP Compares two hashed files or directories.
JCOVER Application profiling tool.
JDIAG jBASE diagnostic tool.
JFB Generates formatted jBC source code listings.
JFIND Provides the UNIX find capability for Windows.
JGREP Provides the UNIX grep capability for Windows.
JIMI jBASE Independent Metrics Integration.
JKEYAUTO Program control language.
JMSGBOX Message box display utility for Windows.
JPROF Application profiling system.
JRM JMV JDIR Remove, move, dir executables.
JSETKEY jBASE environment settings (jBASE 3 only).
JSHMEM Interrogate jBASE shared information.
JSHOW Displays locations of files, programs and subroutines.
JSTART Start processes.
JTIC jBASE terminfo compiler.
KEYS Displays keyboard input.
LIBUTILS Shared library for terminal independent keyboard input.
MW42 Produces diagnostics of resource issues.

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