Terminal Independence

jBASE uses the standard terminfo database supplied on all Unix platforms. For Windows, jBASE provides a terminfo database.



Terminal I/O handle via terminfo database. Usually /usr/lib/terminfo

To obtain terminal definition user "infocmp" command:

infocmp > MyNewTermDef or infocmp Term > AnotherTermDefinition

To modify or create a new terminfo definition use the "tic" command.

e.g. tic MyNewTermDef



Obtain terminal definition from a Unix system using the "infocmp" command.

Create a jBASE terminfo definition entry in the "misc" subdirectory of the jBASE release directory using the jtic command.

e.g. jtic MyNewTermDef

Note: Before executing the jtic command a directory must be available to receive the new terminfo definition. e.g. To create terminal definition vt220 a subdirectory "v" must exist in the "misc" subdirectory of the jBASE release directory.

To configure jBASE to use the required terminal definition set the TERM environment variable or use the jBASE TERM command.

export TERM=vt220 (Unix)
set TERM=vt220 (Windows)
TERM vt220 (jBASE)

Note: The backspace character will default to the character used in the stty setting when a backspace character is not declared in the terminal definition.

The jtic utility also provides the ability to add extra terminal and printer independent control characters to the @() function in BASIC. can also be used to extend terminal definitions beyond the normal terminfo capabilities.