The jshmem command can be used to interrogate the JEDI_SHM_WORKFILE, which is located in the jBASE release "tmp" subdirectory. This file is used by jBASE programs to store shareable information, such as current number of reads or writes, etc, which can then be displayed via various utilities, e.g. WHERE \(V. The environment variable JEDI_NOSHMEM can be set to disable this feature if required.

Called as:
jshmem -Options {filename}

Option Description
-a display ALL entries (equivalent to -dfglu)
-c check the integrity of the entries
-Cage the age in days to mark as invalid (default is 7)
-d display entry summary
-e display dEbug entries
-f display FREESPACE entries
-g display GENERAL INFO entries
-h display this help screen
-l display LOCK TABLE entries
-o display OPEN file entries
-pPid restrict display to the entries for Pid
-r rebuild the table
-u display UPDATE entries
-v all displays are VERBOSE
-V all displays are Very VERBOSE
-x display summary statistics
-? display this help screen