The LENS function returns a dynamic array of the number of bytes in each element of a dynamic array.




Each element of dynamic.array must be a string value. The characters in each element of dynamic.array are counted, with the counts returned.

The LENS function includes all blank spaces, including trailing blanks, in the calculation.

If dynamic.array evaluates to a null string, it returns zero (0). If any element of dynamic.array is null, returns zero (0) for that element.


The LENS function when used in International Mode will return the number of characters in the specified expression rather than the number of bytes. If the expression consists of entirely of UTF-8 characters in the ASCII range 0 – 127 then the character length of the expression will equate to the byte length. However, when the expression contains characters outside the ASCII range 0 – 127 then byte length and character length will differ. If the byte is specifically required then use the BYTELEN function in place of the LEN function.

NOTE: Do not use programs to manipulate byte counts in International Mode