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Deletes a record from a file.



F-DELETE file-buffer
F-D file-buffer



file-buffer is the number (1 to 9) of the file buffer which is associated with the file containing the record to be deleted.



The record specified in field zero (&f.0) of the file buffer will be deleted. If the record does not exist, the command will have no effect.

The content of the file buffer is not altered.

An outstanding record lock will be released.

The file must have been opened with an F-OPEN command.



001 PQN
002 10 T "File name :",+
003 IBP %1
004 F-O 1 %1
005 T "File ", %1, " does not exist!"\ GO 10
006 MV &1.0 "Key"
007 F-D 1

If the file cannot be opened by the F-O command, the line immediately following the command will be executed (see the F-O command). If the file is opened, "Key" is moved into field 0 of file buffer 1. F-D 1 then attempts to delete record "Key" from the file.