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Transfers control to a specific subroutine.



GOSUB label
GOSUB label] label... (Multivalued form)



label specifies the label which marks the required subroutine.



When an RSUB statement is encountered, control is transferred back to the line immediately following the calling GOSUB.

See also "[ ] {n}" command.



To use the multivalued form of the GOSUB command, you must specify one label for each result of a multiple comparison. For example:

IF %2 = A]B]C]D GOSUB 1000]2000]3000]4000

Separate the test values and the destination labels with value marks (ctrl ]).

Note that this is a special case of the GOSUB command. If you need to mix command types in the resulting actions, you should not use this form of the GOSUB command. You can still achieve the same effect but each result must contain a separate command. For example:

IF %2 = A]B]" GOSUB 1000]GOSUB 2000]XFinished

In this case, if the result of the test for null is true the program will terminate with a suitable message.



010 GOSUB 1000
011 T "Returned from GOSUB"
031 1000 T "In subroutine"
032 IP %1
033 RSUB

The GOSUB command on line 10 transfers control to label 1000 on line 31. When the RSUB on line 33 is processed, control returns to line 11.