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Suspend execution for a specified number of seconds, or with the special ON or OFF operands can turn the execution of the SLEEP command on or off. Note that the -s option to jkeyauto can also be used to turn off execution of the SLEEP statement by default - in this case the SLEEP ON will subsequently over-ride this.



SLEEP {expression} | ON | OFF

ON When "SLEEP ON" is executed all SLEEP statements will be executed as normal.
OFF When "SLEEP OFF" is executed, all SLEEP statements will be ignored.

expression The time to sleep expressed as a number of seconds.

If the sleep time "expression" is not specified, it defaults to 1 second.

You can set a non-integer value to sleep for fractions of a second. The actual sleep time will depend upon the granularity of the system clock and the load on the system.

Typically resolutions to the nearest 1/100th of a second are usually possible.



sleep value*2
print "Sleep: Request = ":value*2:" secs, actual = ":$UBOOT-time1