jQL Defaults

Id Length

A default data section dictionary item can be used to specify the length of the record id field, e.g. for default data section named FRED, create a dictionary record named FRED in the dictionary section of file FRED.

Alternatively a global default record id length can be configured by the JBCIDLEN environment variable otherwise default to 14 characters.

export JBCIDLEN=10 ( Unix)
set JBCIDLEN=10 ( NT/Win95)


Alternative Dictionaries

In order to enable dictionary definition records from multiple dictionary files to be used without specifying the USING connective, an environment variable JBCDEFDICTS can be configured for multiple dictionary files.

export JBCDEFDICTS=UserDictFile;GeneralDictFile (Unix)
set JBCDEFDICTS=CustomDictFile:GeneralDictFile (Windows)

The order in which the dictionaries are searched for dictionary definitions is as follows:

  1. Dictionary of the file being queried
  3. Files specified by JBCDEFDICTS