The SYSRESTORE utility can be used to restore multiple accounts from a FILE-SAVE tape.

 sysrestore -Options (Options

Option Description
A restoring Advanced Pick file save
B change spaces in file names to underline
C force file names to upper case
F restoring Fujitsu file save
M restoring Reality file save
R restoring R91 file save
S produce statistics
U restoring Ultimate file save
V verify save
Z restoring SMA file save
-bn modulo blocking ratio, default value 1 - 4k, where n can be:
8 Source machine used half k frames
4 Source machine used 1k frames
2 Source machine used 2k frames
-rfilename resize filename
-z force OOG size to one



sysrestore -V > restoredata

Verify a FILE-SAVE tape. The names of the accounts and files on the tape are written to the file restoredata.