Edits a list of print jobs.






SP-EDIT print-job-list {(options)}



print-job-list is the list of print jobs to be edited, separated by spaces or commas. A range of jobs can be specified (n1-n2).

options are the command line options to be applied to the list of print jobs. Can be one or more of the following:

Option Explanation
n number of bytes; maximum size in bytes of a generated file record
I Generates a file record. Prompts for filename and record key. By default the I option will remove return and pad characters and convert linefeed characters to field mark characters (x"FE"). Each line of print data then becomes a field in the file record.
A splits print data greater than 31,767 bytes into suffixed records. e.g. recordkey.001, recordkey.002, etc.
O overwrites existing file record
H suppresses tape labels when the output designation is tape (see T option)
P make characters less than x"20" and greater than x"7F" transparent
T outputs the requested print jobs to tape
U selects all available hold files if no job numbers are specified on the command line



Print jobs created with the P option assigned can only be edited by root and the user that generated the job. Print jobs created with the U option assigned can be edited by any user. Print jobs which are still OPEN cannot be edited.

You will be prompted for a filename and record id for the print job data.

See also the alternative SP-EDIT functionality than can be effected by setting JBC_OLD_SP_EDIT.



The following commands are available in the spooler editor.

Command Description
A repeat last locate command
B move to end of print job
CP move to current print position of a suspended print job
EX exit and edit next print job in list
EXK exit and skip editing remaining print jobs in list
FD delete print job if job is a printed hold file
L{n} list next n, default one, lines
L{n}"string" locate string from current position in next n, default max, lines
Nn move forward by n, default one, lines
NnP move forward by n, default one, pages
P list next page, 22 lines
SP despool print job from next line
SPA despool print job from next line, but wait for alignment
T move to top of print job
Un move back n, default one, lines
UnP move back n, default one, pages
W list previous page, 22 lines
return display next line