Displays your current spooler assignments.


SP-LOOK {PortNumber|*}

If PortNumber or * is specified, then the information for that port or all ports is displayed (see NOTES below).

The SP-LOOK display contains the following fields:

PORT The current port that issued the SP-ASSIGN
REPORT# The print report channel numbers:
  • DEFAULT - Print report channel zero, the default assignment
  • 1-127 - Print report channels assigned by the SP-ASSIGN command
  • 255 - Print report channel for the Background Task Processor jBTP
QUEUE NAME The formqueue name assigned by SP-ASSIGN command
JOB# Currently open print job numbers
OPTIONS The options assigned by the SP-ASSIGN command
COPIES The number of copies specified via the SP-ASSIGN command



The PortNumber and * arguments are only available on unix. This is because SP-LOOK obtains this information from the jPML daemon and there is no jPML daemon on Windows.