Creates a new spooler structure.




WARNING SP-NEWTAB removes all print jobs and form queues. The STANDARD formqueue is recreated.



  • This command can only be executed by root or an administrator.
  • The default directory in which the spooler files are created is called jspooler however SP-NEWTAB allows a different directory to be specified. Before the spooler can be accessed by a user, it's location must be specified using the environment variable JBCSPOOLERDIR. On Unix platforms, SP-NEWTAB prompts for the owner and group to be assigned to the spooler files. If not specified the owner is set to root and the group is set to lp.
  • SP-NEWTAB allows security settings for form queues and print jobs. These can be changed subsequently by using the commands SP-SECURITY, SP-SECURITY-JOBS, SP-SECURITY-OWNER and SP-SECURITY-QUEUE. Please refer to the documentation for a full discussion of the security settings. 
  • The SP-NEWTAB command does not kill despooling demons.
  • If a process was assigned to any formqueue other than STANDARD when the SP-NEWTAB command was executed, the process will be assigned to NO QUEUE.
  • The default formqueue STANDARD is re-initialized with a LPTR logical device type.