The jBASE spooler program. This is the jBASE equivalent of the unix lp command.



jlp {options} {filename}

FileName can be any of the following:

Windows or Unix file name
Database file + record keys
Database file + '*'
Database file + Select list.

If FileName is omitted, then all input is assumed to come from stdin.



-aAssignOptions Change the default assignment options
-cCount Change the default number of copies to Count
-m Multi-queue support. Data MUST come from stdin, and an 8-byte header preceeds each print element.
-qQueueName Override the default queue name.
-rReportNumber  Use a different report number other than 0.
-s Do not display what queue we have printed to.


The jlp command will respect the current form queue assignment from the most recent SP-ASSIGN command.

The action of this program is also affected by the 'JBC_PRINT_ASSIGN_n' environment variables.