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jED is a robust, terminal independent screen editing tool.


JED Command syntax

JED Filename Item (Options
JED Item (Options

Option Description
Bnn{,mm} Indent "nn" spaces, with "mm" as multiple for initial indent.
L Skip setting default item lock on record.
R Allow read only


Execution Commands

Command Description
HOME/Ctrl A Move to start of current line
END/Ctrl E Move to end of current line
Ctrl W Delete word
Ctrl K Clear to end of line or join.
Ctrl D Delete current line
Ctrl G Mark block. 1st Start Blk, 2nd End Blk, 3rd Remove Mark
Ctrl L Insert line below current line
Ctrl N Locate next occurrence
Ctrl O Toggle overwrite and insert. default insert
Ctrl R Redisplay screen
Ctrl T Copy the character from the corresponding cursor position on the line above
Ctrl V Indent for BASIC
Ctrl ] Insert ]
Ctrl \ Insert \


Command Line

From Edit mode, press <Esc> to invoke the command line.

Command Description
CBn Copy Marked block before current line, n times
Can Copy Marked block after current line. n times
/string Locate the next occurrence of "string"
MB Move Marked block before current line
MA Move Marked block after current line
BI Format BASIC code
BION Turn on Format indentation
! Cmd Execute command
!! Re-execute last ! Cmd
HX or HEX Toggle the display of the record in Hexadecimal