jPML is an acronym for jBASE Process Manager and Licensing. The jPML daemon is responsible for registering and licensing jBASE processes and allocating static or dynamic port numbers. The jPML daemon also handles the preservation of certain environment criteria for jBASE processes thus enabling continuity between related jBASE processes. For example, if a jBASE program performs or executes another jBASE program which changes the terminal type, the terminal type is imported back from the executed program and exported out to any subsequently executed programs.

NOTE: This daemon has been removed from jBASE 4.1 and later


Configuring jPML

The jPML daemon reads the configuration file, Config_jPML, from the "config" directory at start-up time. This configuration file contains the ranges of port numbers that the jPML daemon will allocate for processes running jBASE background tasks, and also for any jBASE processes that it cannot allocate a relative port number (by use of the utmp entry).

The configuration file may also contain hard coded ttyname/port number entries. These entries will override any other port number allocation scheme.

The following examples describe the different jPML entries.

port_background = 1000 1099

defines range for 100 background ports

port_foreground = 1100 1199

defines range for 100 foreground ports

port_def = /dev/tty01s 33

defines port 33 for ttyname /dev/tty01s

port_normal = 900 999

defines a range of port numbers to try before using the utmp file to find a port

The configuration file also contains the text of the jBASE disconnect message and logon prompt.



The jPML command must be run by the super user to start the jPML daemon but can be used by other users to make inquiries of the jPML daemon.

Called as:
jPML -i {-b} {-UUserLogFile} {-t[n]TraceFile}
jPML -k {-f}
jPML -d {-u} {-v} {-CConnectId} {-PPortNo}
jPML -c
jPML -SPortNo | -RPortNo
jPML -h | -?

Option Meaning Permissions
-i initialize and become the jPML daemon root
-b start daemon in background root
-c parse the configuration file again all
-d display current information all
-k kill the currently running daemon root
-l listen for floating license requests root
-t[n]TraceFile trace jPML operations at level [1 to 9] to file TraceFile all
-u display user details all
-v display in verbose mode all
-Cnn restrict display to single connect id all
-D diagnostic output to jbase_error_trace root
-Pnn restrict display to single port number all
-Snn suspend activity on single port number root
-Rnn resume activity on single port number root
-Uff specify name of file to use as user log root
-h display options All
-f forcibly kill daemons root