Several utilities are provided to convert, add, multiply, subtract and divide numeric decimal and hexadecimal values. Currently these are available on Unix platforms only.

Command Description Example Result
ADDD Add decimal ADDD 10 20 30
ADDX Add hexadecimal ADDX A 14 1E
SUBD Subtract decimal SUBD 20 10 10
SUBX Subtract hexadecimal SUBX 14 A A
DIVD Divide decimal DIVD 20 10 2
DIVX Divide hexadecimal DIVX 14 A 2
MULD Multiply decimal MULD 20 10 200
MULX Multiply hexadecimal MULX 14 A C8
DTX Convert decimal to hex DTX 10 A
XTD Convert hex to decimal XTD A 10