The jstart utility was originally provided to circumvent a problem with the Win95 CreateProcess API. The API fails to set the standard input handle to the new console if the standard input handle of the parent process is not a console device, i.e. a DATA statement has been used. However, jstart can be used to start up a process in the same window, in a new window or in the background. Not available on UNIX platforms.

jstart -Options Command

Command is an executable program.

Option Description
-v verbose
-w initiating process waits for the process launched by jstart to complete
-m run with window minimized
-b run as a background job, i.e. no console
-i inherit current window
-tTitle specify the window title (not applicable to background jobs)
-pclass priority class; 0 - Normal; 1 - Idle; 2 - High



EXECUTE "jstart jsh -s jsh -"

This will start up the jSHELL in a new window, with a different port number.


Runs the proc RUNBATCH as a background process.