jBASE Codepage Configuration

Configure the Code pages for the user id using the JBASE_CODEPAGE environment variable.


Display a full list of available code pages using the “jcodepages” command.


All input and output conversion can be undertaken, however it is more efficient to use UTF-8 for input and output if possible, as no code page conversion is then necessary, reducing system resource requirements. There are several commercially available telnet clients that can communicate using UTF-8, in these cases the telnet client performs the conversion from the configured code page to UTF-8, hence it is important to ensure that the client is configured correctly such that the input and output code page is the correct one for the keyboard mapping required.


Code page conversion is only applicable when the JBASE_I18N environment variable is set. If the JBASE_I18N environment is not set, then code page conversion will not occur, and all variables will be handled as bytes rather than as characters. As configuration of international mode is on an account basis the state of international mode can change on execution of a LOGTO.