The T-READ command will read and display data from the tape device one block at a time.



T-READ {CHANNEL=channel} {(options}



channel is the specific channel attachment (0-9).

Option Description
A Convert from EBCDIC to ASCII
B Dumps and loads are in binary
C Convert tabs to spaces
I List item id's (record keys) as loaded etc.
i Same as (I) but just write '.' for each record
N inhibits automatic paging of output to the terminal
O Overwrite existing records when loading data
P Directs output to the spooler
V Just do a verify when loading
X Displays the output in hexadecimal format as well as character format
n{-m} Dumps blocks n to m from the current media position. If m is omitted, n blocks are output starting from the current media position. If the entire n-m option is omitted, all blocks are displayed until an end of filemark, (EOF), is encountered.



The paged display can be terminated by entering <ctrl E> instead of RETURN at the end of a page.




Reads and displays two blocks in hexadecimal and character format.