This shows what files a user has open. By default, it shows a summary. For example

jsh --> list-open-files

Polling 3 ports ...

Opened files at 19:52:16 16 JUN 2003 Page 1

Port Application Open Files Actual O/S Open Files

0 258 247

1 8 8

2 4 4

NOTE: Many of the new commands get their information by polling active ports for their information. This can take 5-10 seconds.

With jBASE, 4.1 if you open the same file multiple times to different variables, then inside jBASE will have only a single operating system file. This is for efficiency and thread consideration. The difference between the numbers of files the application thinks it has open and the number of files jBASE actually has open with the operating system is displayed in the second and third columns. This will be more significant in multi-thread applications that might open the same file, once for each thread. In this case, there will only be a single actual file opened and the threads will share the same file handle, although this is done hidden from the application.

The (V) option will show a row for each file opened by the application.