Re-build an index from the data file.

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Called as:

rebuild-index {-arv} filename | dirname { {indexname {indexname ...}} | *} {(S)}

Supported options are:

-a Rebuilds ALL indexes in the file
-r Rebuild ALL files in the directory specified
-v Verbose mode, one period display for every 1000 records that are rebuilt.

This command will rebuild the index data based on an existing index definition. Once the command completes the status will be marked as in-sync. It can be used in the following circumstances :

Option -a means you want to rebuild all the indexes defined for the file. This can also be achieved by specifying * as the index name. Otherwise you must specify on the command line one or more index names to rebuild.

Option -r will rebuild all files in the directory name specified. This is a useful operation after using, for example, jrestore to restore your database and then you can use the option -r to rebuild all files in a certain directory.

Option -v is the verbose option. A period character will be output to the terminal for every 1000 records that have been processed. As the rebuild-index can be quite time consuming, it allows you to visually check the status of the command.

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