jBASE Web Builder Tutorial
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Create a jBASE file

The tutorial application is only going to use one file, a file called Address. On the main development menu, expand the application files submenu. Web Builder knows that the directories listed under this menu item can contain jBASE files. Select the "./" option. This is the default directory for the current account. When you click on this option, the right hand pane will change to display a list of files contained in this directory.


Click on the Add a new item button at the top of the screen. A dialog will appear, asking you for a filename for the new file. Enter the word "Address" and click the OK button.
Field Description
0 (key) Employee number
1 Employee name
2 Address
3 List of phone descriptions
4 List of phone numbers

Once the file has been added, a dialog will appear, displaying the contents of the file. Since the file has just been created, it will be empty. In the address book application, the data will be stored in this format;

To create a record, enter the value "1" in the selected textbox, and click on the edit button. 

An editor dialog will appear, with the field numbers down the left, and space to edit the data down the right. Enter the following values, and click on the update button at the top of the screen to save the record. Once you have finished, click on the close button to close the window.

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