jBASE Web Builder Tutorial
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Create an application module

Before creating any web builder objects, it is a good idea to create a container to hold everything for the same module. In web builder, this is called an application module.

To create a new application module, first, open up the application administration option on the main menu. Select the first option under this menu, application modules, and a list of modules already configured will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen.

If web builder has just been installed, there will only be one module; "sysdev", with a description of "jBASE web builder".

Click on the button at the top of the screen entitled Add a new item. Where prompted, enter the name "Tutorial".

Give the module a description of "Tutorial - Employee address book", and click on the button labelled "Update Module". The list of modules on the right hand side of the screen should now show two modules; the original web builder module, and the newly created Tutorial module.


The main menu should be refreshed so that the new application module is taken into account. To refresh the menu, select the refresh menu option from the main menu.

Once the menu has been refreshed, open up the development objects sub menu on the main menu. There should now be three entries; "General Module" which is where web builder objects without a module are stored, "Tutorial - employee address book" which is the module that has just been created, and "jBASE web builder" which holds all the system objects.


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