sysanchor supports the HTML <a href="http://myurl"></a> form option

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sysobjects (sysanchor)




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<2> Description  
<4.2> Dependant field  
<4.4> Invisible  
<10.1> Text This element allows for the insertion of the anchor tags text. This is the text that will be displayed and which will be click able and link to the URL.
<10.2> URL This element allows for the insertion of the URL. The URL can either contain a full http address (eg: http://myurl/index.html) or it can contain a link to a java-script function (eg: javascript:MyFunctionName). If the URL field is left blank then it is set to "javascript:void(0)". Without setting this parameter, the other events would not fire.
<10.3> Style  
<10.4> Style Class  
<10.5> Focus Event  
<10.6> Click Event  
<10.7> Blur Event  
<10.8> HTML Tag inclusion  
<10.9> Tool tip