sysbutton supports the HTML  <input type=submit/reset/button> form option

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sysobjects (sysbutton)




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<2> Description  
<4.2> Dependant field  
<4.4> Invisible  
Button Type
  • Button
    This mode supports script code embedded within the button's onClick event. The button will not submit form data
  • Submit
    The browser form is submitted to the server (or, based on the action definition, could submit the form to other CGI applications)
  • Reset
    Clears the contents of all form elements. Text boxes are cleared, check boxes are cleared, radio buttons are unset and selection boxes are set to null defaults.
<10.2> Caption Specify the text that appears in the button. DIRT tags can be used here.
<10.3> Trigger type  
<10.4> Trigger option  
<10.5> Trigger parameters  
<10.6> HTML tag inclusion  
<10.7> Focus event  
<10.8> Click event  
<10.9> Blur event  
<10.10> Button width Allows the specification of a button width in pixels. This option makes use of style sheets.
<10.11> Style  
<10.12> Style class  
<10.13> Tool tip