sysdefcell supports the HTML  <td> table cell definition option. This item acts as the default cell 
definition and therefore does not allow column and row spanning.

object record

sysobjects (sysdefcell)




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<4.2> Dependant field  
Height Height of the cell in pixels
<10.2> Width Width of the cell in pixels
<10.3> Not used  
<10.4> Not used  
<10.5> Horizontal alignment The horizontal alignment of the cell contents (left, right or center)
<10.6> Vertical alignment The vertical alignment of the cell contents (top, bottom or middle)
<10.7> Background colour The color of the table cell background. This option is overridden by the "background image" option. 
HTML based colors are defined either as color names (for the most well known colors like "black", "white", "red") or defined as a mix of Red Green and Blue amounts. 
These amounts are defined in Hex (00 - FF) where 00 is the least amount of each color and FF is the most. The color sets are combined as an HTML color reference as follows: #FFFFFF (where the first byte - FF - defines the red color, the second byte defines green and the last byte defines blue). The "#" is required for these types of color definitions. 
Complete information on HTML colors can be found within the HTML specification at World Wide Web Consortium
<10.8> Reserved Not currently used
<10.9> No wrap If set, stops text from being wrapped within the cell. The cell is expanded to accommodate the text.
<10.10> Blank cell Table cells with borders do not "indent" if the cell has no contents. The "blank cell" option is provided which inserts an   (non breaking space) item within the cell which forces the cell to look indented
<10.11> Cell tag inclusion  
<10.12> Style  
<10.13> Style class  
<10.14> Background image Allows for the specification of an image URL. More details can be found in the HTML 4.0 specification.
<10.15> Tool tip