syslabel supports the HTML <font> option.

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sysobjects (syslabel)




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<2> Description  
<4.1> Data field  
<4.2> Dependant field  
<4.4> Invisible  
Text The text that will be displayed. DIRT tags can be defined as text.
<10.2> Font name The most popular fonts - Courier New, Arial and Times New Roman are listed. Courier new is a fixed width font, the others are proportional.
<10.3> Font size A number between 1 (smallest) and 7 (largest) for the HTML font size.
<10.4> Bold text If selected, displays the text in bold.
<10.5> Italics If selected, displays the text in italics.
<10.6> Not used  
<10.7> Font color The text color. HTML based colors are defined either as color names (for the most well known colors like "black", "white", "red") or defined as a mix of Red Green and Blue amounts. 
These amounts are defined in Hex (00 - FF) where 00 is the least amount of each color and FF is the most. 
The color sets are combined as an HTML color reference as follows: #FFFFFF (where the first byte - FF - defines the red color, the second byte defines green and the last byte defines blue). 
The "#" is required for these types of color definitions. 
Complete information on HTML colors can be found within the HTML specification at World Wide Web Consortium
<10.8> Style  
<10.9> Style class  
<10.10> Tool tip