sysmenumain provides container based support for menu based objects.

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sysobjects (sysmenumain)




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<2> Description  
Menu prompt This field allows the developer to specify the text that will get displayed on the page.
<10.2> Menu icon This field allows the developer to specify an alternative icon to the default that will get displayed for this menu item.
<10.3> Mouse over message This is the message that will be displayed when the user moves the mouse over the menu item.
<10.4> Target frame This is the frame that the html returned by actioning the menu prompt will be displayed in.
<10.5> Creation subroutine This is specifies a subroutine to use to create the new menu items.
<10.6> Menu parameter The value stored here will be available in syssubparm when a Creation Subroutine is specified. It can be used to parameterise the way a menu displays.
<10.7> Highlight items When set, the item last clicked on will stay highlighted.