sysprogressbar is an object that displays a progress bar. It can be used to display the progress of an event.

object record

sysobjects (sysprogressbar)




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<2> Description  
<4.2> Dependant field  
<4.4> Invisible  
File name The filename where the system looks for the progress record.
<10.2> Record ID The id of the progress record in File Name. The progress record contains the following fields:
  1. Main message (eg. "Copying files...")
  2. Percentage complete
  3. Optional information message (eg "copying file xyz to abc")
  4. Error message (eg "Error copying files...")
  5. Last update time of percentage complete (use the TIME() function)
<10.3> Bar background color The background color of the bar. Defaulted to white
<10.4> Bar foreground color The foreground color of the bar. Defaulted to blue.
<10.5> Style  
<10.6> Style class  
<10.7> Border width The width of the border surrounding the progress bar.
<10.8> Border color The color of the border surrounding the progress bar.
<10.9> Refresh interval The time (in seconds) the page waits after loading before refreshing itself. It is unwise to use a value less that 2 here, as this places unnecessary stress on the system.
<10.10> Not used  
<10.11> Width The width of the progress bar. This can either be a static width or a percentage. Defaulted to 100.
<10.12> Error script The script that runs when the error timeout is exceeded.
<10.13> Data field The data field value is either set to the percentage completion of the process (progress record field 2), or in the case of an error being received, is set to the error message specified in the progress record (field 4).
<10.14> Refresh routine The name of the subroutine that is used when refreshing the page. If left blank, the subroutine called is sysnavrefresh.
<10.15> Completion script The script that runs when the progress record indicates that the process is complete. Ie: This is called when field 2 of the progress file is 100.
<10.16> Error timeout The time (in seconds) since the progress record was last updated. Be sure not to set this value too low, as slower computers may take longer to respond to certain commands and timeouts may occur easily.