sysradio is a data aware object that supports a the <input type="radio"> HTML form item.

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sysobjects (sysradio)




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<2> Description  
<4.1> Data field The Data Field element supports special operations within radio buttons. A radio button group is defined by specifying multiple radio buttons as having the same data field position.
<4.2> Dependant field  
<4.4> Invisible  
Return text The text that will be returned into the data field if this radio item is selected. 
If the radio button is made to be dependant on a multi-valued item, then this value will be overridden and the multi-value position number of the associated (selected) item will be sent through.
<10.2> Default value If checked, this radio item will show as the selected item when sysdefault is active.
<10.3> HTML tag inclusion  
<10.4> Focus event  
<10.5> Click event  
<10.6> Blur event  
<10.7> Style  
<10.8> Style class  
<10.9> Tool tip