systabmain acts as the primary container for table objects and supports the <table> HTML object.

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<2> Description  
<10.1> Caption Any text captured within this element will be centered across the top of the table.
<10.2> Table width The maximum table width (in pixels or as a percentage of the page width). If set as a number of pixels, this will force the table to the specified width regardless of page width.
<10.3> Border width The table outer border width (in pixels). If set to 1 or more, this will insert border lines between table cells. Border widths greater than one only have an effect on the outer table border. The default border width is 0. See examples below.
<10.4> Cell spacing This is the spacing (in pixels) that will be applied between cells within a table. This is set to 1 by default. See examples below.
<10.5> Cell padding This is the padding (in pixels) that will be included between the table cell walls and the object(s) contained within the cell. This is set to 1 by default. See examples below.
<10.6> Background colour The default background color to be used for cells within the table. HTML based colors are defined either as color names (for the most well known colors like "black", "white", "red") or defined as a mix of Red Green and Blue amounts.

These amounts are defined in Hex (00 - FF) where 00 is the least amount of each color and FF is the most. The color sets are combined as an HTML color reference as follows: #FFFFFF (where the first byte - FF - defines the red color, the second byte defines green and the last byte defines blue).

The "#" is required for these types of color definitions. Complete information on HTML colors can be found within the HTML specification at World Wide Web Consortium

<10.7> Not used  
<10.8> Compact table If set, any <tr></td> and <td></td> (empty table rows and table cells) will be removed.

 This option is only valuable if the table compression will not cause cells to shift into incorrect positions. Whole empty rows and columns should be compressed.

<10.9> HTML tag inclusion  
<10.10> Style  
<10.11> Style class  

Border, cell spacing and cell padding values are illustrated in these examples;

Border width=5, Cellpadding=0 Cellspacing=0


Border width=1, Cellpadding=20 Cellspacing=0


Border width=1, Cellpadding=0 Cellspacing=20