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Bug Fix

1. Description

The Z, ZH and PH-START commands will consume memory while a program is executing, which is the terminal output being captured with

If you start a long running background job with Z, ZH or PH-START, and that job does a lot of terminal output, the size of the program will increase, maybe to hundreds of megabytes.

2. Previous Release Behavior

In release 3.4, the main functionality was written in 'C' and any terminal output that needed to go to a hold file went straight to the correct spooler hold file. If there is no hold file needed, then the terminal output was simply discarded.

3. Current Release Behavior

As you can see, the Z command , along with PH-START with N option, will capture the terminal output and then discard that. This means the CAPTURING is for nothing.

This fix means for Z and PH-START+N, we no longer do CAPTURING and instead just discard the output.

The ZH and PH-START (without N option) still have the same problem and are not corrected by this fix.