Zumasys is a worldwide distributor of jBASE.

Please contact Zumasys directly or choose a distributor in your country from our list of distributors below.


Drexel Management Services

Founded as a software development house, Drexel Management Services provides consulting and support services to other software developers, particularly those working with MultiValue database technology.  The company has designed its own TouchScreen turnkey point-of-sale application, PosXpress, for the food service industry.

Australia & New Zealand

Uniware Pty Ltd

Uniware Pty Ltd is a specialist provider for technology solutions with the widest range of MultiValue Database applications in Australia and New Zealand. Delivering exceptional cloud and in premise MultiValue Database technology and ERP solutions.

The experience and knowledge gained in providing exceptional technology solution and services over four decades has moulded us into the complete technology solution provider we are today. We continue to exceed our customers’ expectations. Contact Craig Alford, General Manager, by email at [email protected].



For more information about jBASE and MultiValue technology, please contact our Japanese partner B.b.design through the following web page:



MV Solutions

MV Solutions possesses a recognized expertise in MultiValue technologies.  Their competence covers all the aspects of development and their team can accompany you in the realization of your projects.